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Talent Strategy

In order to achieve economic and social development goals, the state regards talents as a strategic resource and makes major, macroscopic and overall ideas and arrangements for the cultivation, attraction and use of talents.


Talent is a strategic resource


Cultivate people, discover people


Talent drive development

Five elements of talent management

Talent acquisition

The process of recruiting and talent acquisition is designed to identify, attract, evaluate and recruit the right people.


Talent Development

Help companies manage each employee's development, continuing education, certification, and other learning activities.


Talent assessment

Use employee performance management to coordinate, monitor, evaluate, empower, and continuously improve employee performance.


Talent incentives

Through compensation management, incentives and rewards are linked to employee performance expectations and corporate goals.


Talent planning

By planning and allocating human resources, employees with a passion for work, with the right skills and experience are assigned to the corresponding positions and identify and develop suitable candidates for the present and future.

Job Offers
Foreign trade clerk


Job requirements:
● Have good English application (speaking and writing) ability (CET-4 and above)
● Master the use of Internet foreign trade business tools
● Familiar with the process of foreign trade import and export business