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Company Profile


  Founded in 1994, the company was founded by several professors and doctors and has been in business for 25 years.

  The company is located in the Energy Saving Industrial Park of Qianjiang Economic Development Zone in Hangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise with independent modern workshops, 100,000 clean production workshops, standardized microbiology laboratories and fine chemical laboratories.

  Relying on universities and its own research and development team, the company has long been focusing on product development and management in the sanitary products industry and fine chemistry. The products include: wet wipes chemicals, non-woven fabric finishing agents, tissue paper finishing agents, chemical fiber oils, etc. Among them, a number of product technologies are internationally pioneered or filled with domestic vacancies, and have a number of core technologies of intellectual property (invention patents).

Integrity, innovation, and long-term

  With the business philosophy of “Technology Leading, Quality Oriented, Credit First”, the company has established a team of professors, senior engineers, doctors and masters, which has provided a strong team for continuous research and development of antibacterial technology. Intellectual support and talent guarantee. Its antibacterial technology involves textiles, paper, chemical fiber, detergents, cosmetics, hygiene products and many other fields.

  The company has a number of national invention patents such as “chitosan hygienic finishing agent” and “antibacterial spinning oil agent”, “wet wipe disinfectant series”, “ES fiber antibacterial spinning oil agent”, “paper antibacterial additive”, A number of special technologies such as "textile antibacterial additives".

  Companies adhere to scientific development, continuous technological innovation, relying on strong product research and development strength and rigorous quality management system, has been recognized and praised by more and more people from all walks of life at home and abroad.

Development History

Start the ES Spinning Oil Project
Start the wet wipes chemical project
Start polyester spinning oil project
Start the cream paper finisher project
New production base completed
Start the spunbond fabric finishing project